The Yellow Deckchair

Yellow Deckchair Interviews - looking back at Cancer.

On this page we'll show you interviews with people who have been through Cancer treatment and are now doing well.

Chloe from Bridgend was 22 when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. In her yellow deckchair interview she talks about her diagnosis, the experience of having Chemotherapy and the emotional struggle of losing her hair.

Chloe was diagnosed in 2020 while she was training to be an Accountant. Chloe is now well and is on the Board of the Sir Gareth Edwards Cancer Charity. She is an amazing young woman that we admire so much.

Emilia from Llanedi in Carmarthenshire was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma when she was 21. She was travelling and working as an Au Pair in Australia when she became ill but travelled back to Wales to have her treatment. Emilia talks about the fantastic care she received in The Teenage Cancer Unit in Cardiff and the emotional struggles she faced during, and after her Cancer treatment. Emilia is now 26 and is a qualified Nurse. She works supporting others who are now going through Cancer. Emilia, we are so proud of you.

Emilia is a valued member of The Sir Gareth Edwards Cancer Charity Board of Experts.

Catrin Walters from Ammanford was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when she was 24. In this interview she talks about being diagnosed when she was in the middle of her Accountancy exams, her treatment and then her experience of having a Stem Cell Transplant. Catrin talks about having cells donated from an 18 year old male donor and of the amazing support and treatment that she received at the Teenage Cancer Unit in Cardiff. Catrin is interviewed by our amazing Ambassador Jac Morgan (Wales and Ospreys Rugby). Jac had just had an operation on his knee when he spoke to Catrin. Catrin is a member of the Sir Gareth Edwards Board of Experts and her experience (and humour) is invaluable to the charity.

Huw was 32 when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. He is now 56 and has three gorgeous children. In his Yellow Deckchair Interview Huw talks about having cancer in his early 30's and how one of the the first signs he noticed was extreme night sweats. Huw's lovely wife Sian supported him through treatment and they have now been married for 26 years. Huw works as a Continuity Announcer (the bits between the programmes on TV). Thank you for talking to us Huw.

Here is a yellow deckchair interview with the absolutely lovely Ian Gwyn Hughes (Head of Public Affairs at the FAW). Ian was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer at 21 and talks about the support he had at the time. Ian now has two children and two gorgeous granddaughters.

Please also watch Neil Fenn (Consultant Urological Surgeon) and Rachel Jones (Medical Oncologist) who both explain how treatment has changed and improved since Ian was diagnosed in the 80's.

Javed from Swansea was 22 when he was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. In his Yellow Deckchair Interview he talks about having his first surgery followed by Chemotherapy. He also talks about having further surgery in London because the Cancer had spread to his Lymph nodes. (It is important to know that only a very small number of people who are treated for testicular Cancer will need this type of specialised surgery).

Javed has an absolutely gorgeous partner, Sophie, who supported him through his treatment. He pays tribute to his close family, his very special mum and his good friends and tells us how important they were to him 'Your family and friends will get you through it'. He now has two amazing little girls, Ava and Amber.

Javed is a Marathon runner, a DJ and a Board Member for The Sir Gareth Edwards Cancer Charity.

Tobias was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer when he was 20. He talks to us from Aberaeron Rugby Club about being diagnosed on his Mamgu's birthday, his treatment and how incredible the staff were at Bronglais Hospital. Tobi talks about having an operation first, then Chemotherapy. Unfortunately Tobi's cancer spread to his Lymphatic system and he had another operation after his Chemotherapy - it is important to remember that this is very rare and only happens to very few people. Tobi talks about the support he had from his very good friends, his beautiful partner Haylie and his amazing family.

He tells us that having Cancer at such an early age has given him a totally different perspective on life. We think you are absolutely incredible Tobi.

Rachel from Treboeth was diagnosed with Lung Cancer at 23. In her yellow deckchair interview she talks about her long journey to being diagnosed, the support she received (and still receives) from her family and friends and the importance of the backing she received from the company she was working for at the time (ICON).

She relays an important message - 'Know your own body and know when something isn't normal'. Rachel and her lovely partner Craig are now parents to the gorgeous Lyla and Louie. Rachel is an incredibly valued Board Member for the Sir Gareth Edwards Cancer Charity.