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Board of Experts

Catrin & Boris Headshot Photograph

Catrin & Boris

Trainee Chartered Accountant, enjoys baking and being at the beach. 

Song I can't stop listening to: Mr Brightside (Killers)

Rachel & Lyla Headshot Photograph

Rachel & Lyla

Loves running, being outdoors finding new walks, coffee lover, huge Friends fan, trying new destinations, family time.

Song I can't stop listening to: Proud Mary (Tina Turner)

Cerys Headshot Photograph


Dental nurse by day, balloon artist by night.  Love a cuppa with a slice of cheese., Libra, foodie & Liverpool supporter.

Song I can't stop listening to: Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus)

Nic Headshot Photograph


Professional nerd, Pepsi is better than Coke

Song I can't stop listening to: Tacky (Weird Al Yankovic)

Chloe Headshot Photograph


Chartered accountant, loves a trip to b&m bargains, addicted to reality TV, happiest when around my dog Chester 


Song I can't stop listening to: Seventeen going under (Sam Fender)

Javed Headshot Photograph


Proud father of 2, loves djing, food and a good netflix series, hates when you have to hold the wire in a certain position to charge your phone.


Song I can't stop listening to - Rhythm System (Tuff London)

Emilia & Lucie Headshot Photograph

Emilia & Lucie

Love my dog, pumpkin spice iced coffee, musicals, swimming in the cold welsh sea, cheesy country music and being a student nurse!

Georgina Headshot Photograph


I love to travel the world.

Song I can't stop listening to: Heart's on Fire (Rocky)

James Headshot Photograph


The Audi Quattro S1 Group B, Elfyn Evans and Husqvarna Bikes

Shaira Headshot Photograph


Big fan of Guinea pigs, loves cooking, into indie music and movies, loves quirky and floral shirts and a game collector.


Gareth & Maureen Headshot Photograph

Gareth & Maureen

Gareth: I love the outdoors, golf and football. Coronation Street and a good glass of red wine. Maureen says I'm a sore loser.
Maureen: I love opera - it calms me down. Books with a happy ending. Would I Lie to You, Bingo Lingo and Turkish Delight

Allys Headshot Photograph


Owner of a small antique business, lover of all food especially tapas & love to watch Escape to the Chateau

Juli & Tedi Headshot Photograph

Juli & Tedi

Qualified Paediatric nurse. Love the Foo Fighters and a Pina Colada

Song I can't stop listening to - Table 3 (Tragic Love Company)


Jenny Headshot Photograph


Dual qualified Adult and Paediatric Nurse. 20 years experience in Haematology, Bone Marrow, Transplant, Teenage Cancer Unit. I love travelling, good food, cocktails and all things Irish, especially U2!


Eleri Sion Headshot Photograph

Eleri Sion

I'm a Broadcaster that works lates so I love lie-ins. Favourite purchase is an Eubank and an electric blanket. Can hem trousers. I watch a lot of sport with 3 boys in the house (one is a Shitzu). Guilty pleasure is Harry Styles. Love Wine Lindor chocolates and comedy. Love Crazy in Love (Beyonce)

Martyn Williams Headshot Photograph

Martyn Williams

Wales Men's Rugby Team Manager.

I love my Golf and watching any sport! Billions, Peaky Blinders and Succession, Bruce Springsteen and Mumford & Sons.

Song I can't stop listening to - Against All Odds (Phil Collins)

Elfyn Evans Headshot Photograph

Elfyn Evans

Cars! Mountain Bikes, Motorbikes,  - or in short anything that has an engine and wheels!

Jac Morgan Headshot Photograph

Jac Morgan

I like meeting friends for coffee and playing cards. I also like playing golf.

My favourite film is Shawshank Redemption and my favourite band is the Eagles.

CEO & Founder

Eirlys Headshot Photograph


I love tiny red pick up vans, fairy lights in the garden, Welsh salted butter, Brick, Better Call Saul, Ozark, Bruce, Lyse Doucet, Frida, big pants and kind people.  Song I can't stop listening to: Let Down (Radiohead). Song I listen to when I think I'm not good enough: Forzisimo (Adrian Berenguer)

Chartered Accountant

Huw Thomas Headshot Photograph

Huw Thomas

Huw is the charity's Chartered Accountant. Huw is good with numbers but not so good with photos. Huw has the best socks!   Huw - 'I love sports and reading. I like a good murder (in a manner of speaking). Songs I can't stop listening to are my Radiohead playlist. (also REM and Dylan)'

Furry Friends

Wil Headshot Photograph


Loves running in circles. Can be used as a hot water bottle. Offended by squirrels.


Song I can't stop listening to: Colourblind (Tragic Love Company)

Apollo Headshot Photograph


Loves leaving home for a few weeks - what goes on tour stays on tour. 

Favourite Band: Catatonia